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Guidelines For Travellers

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Passport Requirements:

Visas are required by all visitors except those from Bhutan and Nepal. Visas are available for the following durations:-

  • Transit visa
  • 03 month visa
  • 06 month visa
  • 01 year visa
  • 05 year visa
  1. Each passport should be accompanied by the completed application form and three passport photographs.
  2. There should be at least three clear pages on the passport before the visa is issued.
  3. When applying for the visa at the Indian Embassy/High Commission, payment should be made in cash or postal order (cheques are normally not accepted) and a stamped self addressed envelope should be included. One month should be allowed for postal applications
  4. Certain parts of India (mainly in the North East) are "restricted areas" and require special permits.
  5. Personal applications may be made to the Indian Embassy/High Commission.

Health requirements

Yellow Fever

- Vaccination Certificate is required if arriving from
an infected area.


- Innoculation recommended.


- No certificate required, but advisable to have a
course of pills.

Medical treatment in India is comparatively inexpensive, though India has a pool of some of the best doctors in the world. Most hotels have a doctor on call.

Strong sunshine, heat, digestive upsets and insect bites can spoil one’s trip, so it is a good idea to take a few basic precautions:

Avoid eating ice creams sold by roadside vendors, undercooked meat, unpeel able fruit or vegetable, drinking tap water or having unbolted drinks or even ice in drinks outside the hotel.

Carry a kit containing sunscreens and other lotions for protection from the sun, insect repellants and sting relief creams, water sterilising tablets and medicines for possible stomach upsets or indigestion.

Be careful about mosquitoes when outside in the evenings - use an insect repellant, socks and a long sleeves shirt are good deterrents.


Rupee (Re.) Rs. 1 = 100 Paise

Coins are in denominations of 25, 50 Paise and 1,2,and 5 rupees.

Exchange Rate: US $ 1 = Rs. 39 approx There are no restrictions on the importation of foreign currency by tourists, provided a Declaration Form is completed on arrival. The import and export of the Rupee is, however, prohibited and may not be spent in Duty Free Shops or on board aircrafts. Receipts of all currency must be kept, as it may be reconverted on departure.

It is advisable to carry money in the form of travellers’ cheques preferably in US Dollars as it is widely recognised and accepted. Changing money through unauthorised persons is illegal as well as risky in respect of receiving counterfeit money

Credit Cards

Most hotels, restaurants and some shops accept major credit cards such as (1) American Express, (2) Diners Club (3) Visa and (4) Mastercard.


GMT + 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Business Hours

Government Offices/Shops :

Monday - Friday

1000 - 1700 hrs

Commercial Offices :

Monday - Friday

0930 - 1730 hrs

Shops (most large stores) :


0930 - 1300 hrs


Monday - Saturday

0930 - 1800 hrs

Banks :

Monday - Friday

1000 - 1400 hrs



1000 - 1200 hrs

Some government and commercial offices are open on alternate Saturdays.