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About jodhpur

Old city  

Lies within the 9.5 km wall with seven gates and 101 bastions. Narrow labyrinthine maze of streets, some of the houses and temples have rich carvings and are generally in red sandstone. Some of the newer houses are painted in the distinctive indigo that characterises Jodhpur.

Taleti Mahal

The 17th century palace for concubines, it is possibly the oldest building in existence in Jodhpur.

Clock Tower

One of the popular landmarks in the city, you can easily spot it from the lofty Meherangarh fort. Flanked by the Sadar Bazaar the atmosphere is redolent of Rajasthan -- smells, colours, noise and vibrancy.

Kunjebehari Temple and Raj Mahal garden palace

Kunjebehari temple and Raj Mahal garden palace are both on the banks of Gulab Sagar to the east of the Fort. The temple is dedicated to Krishna.

Umaid Gardens

Pleasant for a stroll, the gardens are neatly laid-out and well maintained. The gardens contain the Sadar Government Museum, the zoo and the library. The museum contains sculptures, weapons, moth-eaten stuffed animals and wooden biplane models. Open daily except Friday from 10am to 4.30pm. Entry Rs 3.

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Awesome, magnificent and breathtaking. If that sounds over-the-top, it's because Umaid Bhawan is all of these and more.

Made of pink sandstone (chhittar), which is why it's also known as the Chhittar palace, and marble it was begun in 1929 by Maharaja Umaid Singh and finished in 1951, four years after he died. Over 3000 people were employed for nearly 14 years in what was Jodhpur's biggest famine relief exercise. A part of the palace, the official residence of Gaj Singh (who was also born here) is now a five-star deluxe heritage hotel.