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Roopangarh Fort (Rajasthan) India

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A Heritage Royal Resort

Built in AD 1648 and called after himself, the town and Fort of Roopangarh was constructed by Maharaja Roop Singh of Kishangarh State between the mind - 17th to 18th centuries. This is called the 'Golden Period' of Kishangarh Art and Culture, and saw to the flourishing of the world famous school of Miniature Paintings.
Originally a nine turreted Fort, it has been built over and added on by several generations and the different styles can still be seen in the structure. Now beautifully restored and renovated into a hotel, it is the first 'War-Fort' to have been done so. The nineteen large rooms are individually and tastefully decorated, keeping in mind the history and heritage surrounding it.

A.D. 1611: Kishangarh - where every inch of land was conquered by a brave lineage of Kings; who after many a glorious battle and heroic sacrifices, established their kingdom.

A.D.1649: Roopangarh - they made it their seat of power. Strategally located on the main Moghul route-bordering the desert and the vast plains of Sambhar Lake - 'ROOPANGARH FORT' became the hub of activity. Within its nine turreted fortification were made foundries, armouries, granaries, underground passages, jails and palaces. The best of architecture, music poetry and painting were patronised and refined at a court where the delicate touch of its artists transcribed the beauty of living to exquisite miniature paintings, known today as 'The Kishangarh School'.

A.D. 1997: The present Maharaja Brajraj Singh (20th generation of direct descent since the founder), opens this majestic Fort to received discerning travellers who enjoy a sense of history and seek a story from the silent walls.

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