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Palace Hotel, Bikaber House (Mount Abu)

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For years, Mount Abu was the summer residence of many Indian Princes, who wanted respite form the stifling summer of their windless plains.

Bikaner House was the summer residence of the royal family of Bikaner. Constructed in
1893 during the minority of Maharaja Ganga Singhji, the mansion was designed by the legendary architect Sir Swinton Jacob, under the supervision of the Council of Regency.

Set on vast grounds amidst tranquil hills, Bikaner house occupied one of the best locations in Mount Abu and was visited regularly by the Maharaja and the royal family. In 1962 Maharaja Karni Singhji decided to convert the royal residence into a hotel.

‘PALACE HOTEL’ as it is now called has been in operation since then. The Place hotel, today a classified ‘Heritage Hotel’ still stands glorious as before – a legacy from the Maharajas of Bikaner.

At the Palace Hotel your time is spent only in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. For years our guests have come back to assimilate the surrounding flora and fauna, to experience the quiet and solitute, to stroll the gardens, to absorb the smell of pine and fresh leaves in the air, to sit by the lake or to simply do nothing.

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Name Palace Hotel
Address Bikaner House, Delwara Road, Mount Abu – 307 501
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