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Heritage Hotels in Uttaranchal- India

Heritage Hotels in India

Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan


Claridges Naini Retreat, Ayarpatta Slopes, Nainital. Former residence of the Maharaja of Pilibhit. Accom 32 rooms. Contact Ph: 05942-35105, 35108 or Leisure Hotels, Delhi Ph: 011-6413304, 6293905.

Balrampur House, Mallital, Nainital. Built 1930 as the summer retreat of the Maharajah of Balrampur. Accom 14 rooms. Contact Ph: 05942-36236, 39902 or 011-4314662.


Chevron Fairheavens, Nainital. 110-year-old building with stone façade; renovated. Accom 29 rooms/suites/cottages. Contact Ph: 011-2753151, 2758774

Royal Hotel, Nainital. Built in 1931. Accom 49 rooms/suites. Contact Ph: 059420-36007, 0522-239395.

Chevron Rosemount, Ranikhet. British - built 150-year-old building. Accom 14 rooms/suites.

Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort, Kalimat Estate, Almora. Dates to 1867; colonial-Indian cottages. Contact Ph: 05962-33625

Snow View Retreat, Papersallee, Almora. Former colonial residence. Accom 20 rooms/4suites.

The Ramgarh Bungalows, Ramgarh. Two bungalows (built 1830, 1860). Accom 1 room/6 suites. Contact Neemrana Hotels, Delhi Ph: 011-4356145

The Retreat, Jones' Estate, Bhimtal. Grand old bungalow. Accom 4 suites. Contact Dehradun Tourism 0135-632863

Jhilling Estate, Jhilling. Colonial bungalow, earlier known as Stiffles Estate. Contact Dehradun Tourism 0135-632863

The Cottage, Joelikot, Kumaon, half an hour from Nainital. Done up in Kumaoni style with period antiques. Accom 4 doubles. Contact Ph: 05942-44413 or 011-6967618, 6854751.

Kasmanda Palace, the Mall, Mussoorie. Built in 1836, among the town's oldest buildings. Accom 14 rooms/suites. Contact Ph: 0135-632424

Savoy Hotel, the Mall, Mussoorie. Built 1890, is still the largest hillstation resort. Accom 121 rooms, 40 suites. Contact Ph: 0135-632120, 632010

Cloud End, Mussoorie (7 km from the Mall). Built in 1838, set at 7,000 ft, surrounded by forests. Accom 7 rooms/suite/cottage; 30-bed dorm.

Hotel Padmini Nivas, the Mall, Mussoorie. 150 years old; former property of Maharaja of Rajpipla. Accom 24 rooms. Contact Ph: 0135-631093, 633123

Hotel Carlton Plaisance, Happy Valley Road, Mussoorie. Sir Edmund Hillary left a letter of recommendation. Accom 8 double rooms/suites. Contact Ph: 0135-632800, 0135-631881.

The Claridges Nabha, Barlowgunj Road, Mussoorie. Accom 12 rooms. Contact Ph: 0135-631426, 631427 or 011-6293905-06, 6413304.

Roselyn Estate, the Mall Library, Mussoorie. Named after an Australian lady resident during the Raj. Accom 40 rooms. Contact Ph: 0135-632201, 630201.